Want to utilize more of your house, create a better area for entertaining guests and have fun designing your ultimate dream space? Let All Phase Construction finish your basement!

Building basements that feel just as inviting as a grand main floor is our specialty. When our clients walk downstairs to their newly finished basement, we don’t want it to feel like entering a basement at all. Instead, we aim to make stylish bonus rooms that coordinate seamlessly with the rest of the home. Here are our top 5 ideas for converting barren, under-used basements to beautiful, subterranean suites.

  1. Design an Organized Home Office

Not every home comes equipped with a home office but most new construction homes have a basement that we can transform into highly efficient home office space. With shelves and cabinets for printers and paperwork and extra wide desktops, a basement home office is perfect for telecommuting. A soothing office design that minimizes distractions helps maintain focus during the workday, even when you aren’t in business-casual attire.

  1. Install a Miniature Movie Theater

Having a six-foot movie screen in the middle of your living room isn’t really practical. Installing one down in the basement with a snack bar and a luxurious, stadium-style seating design, however, is simply genius. When building home theaters, many homeowners have trouble finding a company that can handle every aspect of the project from the floors to the custom lighting and sound system. We can handle any home theater undertaking you can throw at us.

  1. Make a Game Plan for a Great Game Room

Some families prefer board games, cards, billiards and ping pong to watching a movie on a Friday night. Competitiveness must be a genetic trait. The basement is just the place to design an amazing game room and we’ve got the know-how to do it right with recessed lighting, plush furnishings and high quality flooring.

  1. Consider a Custom Bar

Cocktail hour is back in a big way. It’s time to move the booze out of the kitchen and into its very own ground-floor quarters. A custom bar can turn any basement, large or small, into an awesome entertaining mecca. We have special expertise when it comes to granite and quartz countertops so we can guarantee impressive craftsmanship. We love thinking of new ways of combining gorgeous counters with fresh backsplashes, wine racks, shelving, bar stools and more.

  1. Create a Gussied Up Guest Suite

A swanky “in-law suite” isn’t a job for an amateur basement contractor. To design a good one, you have to know a little bit of everything, construction-wise from bathrooms and bedrooms to kitchens and home exteriors. Whether you’re accommodating your extended family for an extended period of time or you just want somewhere nice for house guests to crash for a night, a newly finished guest suite will add value to both your basement and your home.