Spending shady afternoons and breezy evenings outside on a beautifully finished deck, patio or porch is what summer is all about. At All Phase Construction, we believe that the quality of your home’s exterior spaces is just as important as your interior details. If your home’s exterior consists of little more than an empty yard, adding some fun, multi-functional outdoor areas such as patio space or custom decking will have a huge positive impact on your property and your summer lifestyle. Our All Phase crews have experience building decks and patios that are durable, usable and darn good-looking as well as polishing up existing outdoor spaces so they’ll look as good as new again. Give us a call today and we could have your new outdoor living zone finished just in time for your next neighborhood barbecue!


A deck is an above-ground structure made up of carefully laid planks of wood. Most are just big enough for an outdoor dining set, a grill or a comfy pair of chairs. They are normally built directly adjacent to a house and they may be one or more stories off the ground. They should be stained and sealed, not left completely bare, since sealants will help protect the deck and prevent splintering. We have extensive experience building and remodeling decks of all sizes and types, from screened-in lounges to open air kitchens. Building any kind of deck outside your backdoor is an easy way to add value to your property and enhance your yard altogether. You may wish to cover your deck as that will keep it drier and cooler than other outdoor living areas. Large deck and porches can even be accessorized with lighting, ceiling fans, special shades and more. We’re happy to make design suggestions and to help you achieve looks you never knew could be done outdoors. All Phase decks may feature custom columns, contrasting deck rails or elaborate fencing.


Functionally, a patio can be quite similar to a deck. The key difference is that patios are built on the ground and while there may be some wooden patio floors, more typical materials include concrete, stone and tile. Creativity and personal tastes are important when it comes to designing a patio. They can be located almost anywhere around the yard – behind a ground-level kitchen, on the side of the home or even underneath a pre-existing deck. Depending on the material you’d like to use, they can also be installed in a variety shapes – as long as the installers have the skills needed to create interesting patterns, angles and curves. Our craftsmen have the skills and experience it takes to incorporate all kinds of patio elements including stucco, stamped concrete, brick and stonework. Call All Phase today to start dreaming up your new outdoor living space!