Interested in increasing your home’s square footage by up to 50%? Finish your basement! At All Phase Construction, we’ve converted scores of basements from dark, unusable concrete cellars to gorgeous living space! These are some of the pointers we’ve picked up in our experience…

  1. Really protect against moisture.

Most basement are at least partly underground and, considering how humid it can be in Georgia, it’s absolutely critical to safeguard against moisture downstairs. Aside from being potentially damaging in the long-term, humid basement air can be uncomfortable in general. Any small cracks, puddles or leaks should be addressed long before basement finishing begins. To keep the walls extra dry, you can install a vapor barrier or ever so slightly offset the living space from the original wall. Letting your barrier sit for a day or two, then checking in on it may help you to judge exactly how much moisture is coming through from the outside. During this time you can work on other parts of the remodel such as doors, windows, non-perimeter walls and floors.

  1. Insulation is important – even in the South.

We may not live in a cold climate but that doesn’t make Insulation any less necessary. A thorough layer of insulation will help control the temperature inside your basement (hot or cold) and may also add a layer of moisture control. You can never have too much of that! Besides that, it may also help soundproof. Speaking of which, ceiling insulation will keep upstairs noises such as footfall and kitchen conversations from ruining your home theater experience or your ability to work if you’re planning a basement office. Even light footsteps on upstairs floors can seem impossibly loud through uninsulated ceilings.

  1. Consider using unconventional building materials.

All too often finished basements end up with a generic look. The basement should be an area for you to express your tastes and build to your exact specifications. Whether you’d it like to seem like a perfect continuation of the other floors of your home or an escape to another place, unconventional materials and finishes such as natural stone, resurfaced concrete and luxury vinyl can really personalize a basement. Think beyond drywall and carpeting.

  1. Enjoy an open floorplan.

Open floorplans are all the rage for main floors. Try one out in the basement for a room that’s multi-functional and easy to transform. You can save a lot of money by opting to design one big, multi-purpose room instead of separate rooms and apply those savings toward fun luxury details like surround sound, built-in movie screens or granite countertops.

  1. Hire professionals.

A basement remodel is not a weekend DIY. Get in touch with a qualified construction company like All Phase to start making your game plan! Finishing a basement require specials permits and a special set of skills. We have everything you need to make a beautiful basement come to life at All Phase Construction!