What to Know Before a Basement Remodel

Whether you’ve finished basements before or you only recently became a Bas owner at all, there is a whole list of things that should be fresh in your mind before construction starts. Still, don’t worry about completing the pre-planning phase before contacting a qualified contractor. Our awesome staff here at All Phase Construction would be […]

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Basement Remodeling Tips

Interested in increasing your home’s square footage by up to 50%? Finish your basement! At All Phase Construction, we’ve converted scores of basements from dark, unusable concrete cellars to gorgeous living space! These are some of the pointers we’ve picked up in our experience…

Really protect against moisture.

Most basement are at least partly underground and, considering […]

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Five Awesome Design Ideas for Outdoor Living

At Home Remodeling Company Cumming GA, we believe that summer should be spent soaking up rays, grilling up hot dogs and hanging out outdoors! Unfortunately, many homes lack functional outdoor living space in which to do these things. Whether you want to build a patio or deck from scratch or save the one you have […]

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All Phase Decks and Patios

Spending shady afternoons and breezy evenings outside on a beautifully finished deck, patio or porch is what summer is all about. At All Phase Construction, we believe that the quality of your home’s exterior spaces is just as important as your interior details. If your home’s exterior consists of little more than an empty yard, […]

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Outdoor Remodeling From Start to Finish

Summer weather means it’s time to get out there, soak up the sun and, when the sun goes down, soak up the fun! And where could be better than your own backyard? Outdoor living spaces contractor such as patios, decks and porches enhance your home’s exterior and your home value in addition to providing you […]

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Five Beautiful Basement Design Styles

Basements can be stylish, too! When it comes to the first floor of the house, many homeowners are happy to let their furniture do all the talking while they keep their walls, floors and ceilings simple. For many, this can be a great finishing option. But with a blank canvas space like a basement, there’s […]

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5 Ideas for a Fabulous Finished Basement

Want to utilize more of your house, create a better area for entertaining guests and have fun designing your ultimate dream space? Let All Phase Construction finish your basement!

Building basements that feel just as inviting as a grand main floor is our specialty. When our clients walk downstairs to their newly finished basement, we don’t […]

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All Phase Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is the heart of the home. That’s why kitchen remodeling should always be done by a professional. In terms of property value, kitchen and bathroom projects have the highest return on investment. Trying to save money by failing to hire a contractor is typical a terrible idea. Upgrading either of these spaces, particularly […]

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