Basements can be stylish, too! When it comes to the first floor of the house, many homeowners are happy to let their furniture do all the talking while they keep their walls, floors and ceilings simple. For many, this can be a great finishing option. But with a blank canvas space like a basement, there’s the potential for so much more. At All Phase, we can apply any style to your basement remodel. We pride ourselves on building usable, beautiful basements that increase our clients’ living space and express their tastes.

Here are five classic style suggestions that could work in a basement of any size:

  1. Contemporary

Sometimes it seems like basement finishing styles are a step behind the hottest styles of the day. Oftentimes, there aren’t as many pre-existing architectural details in the basement as there are in other areas of the home. There may be no large windows, no fireplace, no arched entryways and perhaps no real room dividers. Still, even without all those extra features, you can inject an up-to-date contemporary aesthetic into a finished basement with things like light fixtures, floors and tiles. For example, a wet bar can be an extremely handy basement asset and, with a glass tile black splash and some sleek granite, you’ve got a complete contemporary look.

  1. Luxurious

It’s always disappointing to see otherwise luxurious homes with lackluster basements. Just because it started off as an empty concrete room doesn’t mean luxurious details don’t belong in the basement! Grand chandelier lighting and elaborate bannisters can make any basement seem more glam. Custom cabinets and countertops bring in both storage and style. For a particularly lavish remodel, consider building a spa-like basement bathroom for you and your guests.

  1. Rustic

Distressed, wide-plank hardwood floors, stacked stone features and impressive wooden beams can be incorporated into a rustic basement interior. Some folks fear that adding any design details to the ceiling will cause it to appear lower. While it’s true that high ceilings are bit rarer in basements, there’s no reason to avoid accessorizing whatever ceiling you have. Rustic ceiling beams can actually make any room appear bigger and more put-together.

  1. Traditional

Traditional style is defined by familiarity and order. A traditional home is a comfortable, inviting home.   Colors generally fall in the middle category – not too light and not too dark – and strong contrasts are minimal. Built-in shelving and tray ceilings will go a long way in making a basement seem more traditional… and these familiar elements almost never go out of style!

  1. Transitional

Transitional style is the perfect mix of traditional and contemporary style. Flooring and paint colors are typically neutral, allowing for highlighted accessories and furniture features to shine throughout the room. When mixing contemporary and traditional elements, the end result is normally transitional – a very popular style in today’s market that still allows you to showcase your personality.