Summer weather means it’s time to get out there, soak up the sun and, when the sun goes down, soak up the fun! And where could be better than your own backyard? Outdoor living spaces contractor such as patios, decks and porches enhance your home’s exterior and your home value in addition to providing you and your family an awesome place to hang.

For an exterior upgrade that you’ll enjoy for years to come, let All Phase Construction handle all the particulars, from design to execution to future maintenance.

Mapping Out Your New Porch or Patio

Determining whether your patio will be a gathering place for you and your buddies or a private getaway space for one or two people will tell you how it should be designed and built. Always make sure you aren’t accidentally under-sizing. For a deck to comfortable contain 4 or 5 chairs, a lot of square footage is needed. A patio requires a lot of space too if you want to enjoy dining al fresco or any kind of fire pit feature. Most outdoor living areas are placed so as to be accessible to the home’s kitchen; however, a so-called getaway patio can be built off of a bedroom or free-floating in the back of a property if that’s the most scenic spot on your lot. Before you build, you should walk around the property to get an idea of all the possible views and orientations your patio could have. The best spot isn’t always the most obvious spot. Most patios and decks run parallel to the home, for example, but many geometric shapes can be achieved with the right techniques.

Incorporating Personal Style

Stylistic choices may be partially determined by practicality but outdoor spaces need personalities too! Aesthetics are as crucial to outdoor projects as they are in your interior because they can be seen from inside the house as well as outside and sometimes even from the curb. Flowing, curved lines outdoors are popular these days. So are natural materials such as locally sourced stone and wood. We can help point you toward building materials that complement the colors and architecture of your house and we’re familiar with all kinds of products including natural stone, wood, concrete and brick.

Putting Your Outdoor Space to Use

Decks, porches and patios are fantastic spaces for summer entertaining, particularly here in North Georgia. Whether you want to enjoy a cool evening by a crackling fire or relax on a shady screen porch for the afternoon, an outdoor addition makes just stepping outside feel like a little vacation. Having a nice balance of landscaping and hardscaping will let you change your patio up every few years with plants and furniture. We can show you how to strike that balance. We will expertly incorporate whatever design elements best suit your lifestyle all while exhibiting superior customer service practices. Contact Home Remodeling Company Cumming, GA today for an estimate!