Whether you’ve finished basements before or you only recently became a Bas owner at all, there is a whole list of things that should be fresh in your mind before construction starts. Still, don’t worry about completing the pre-planning phase before contacting a qualified contractor. Our awesome staff here at All Phase Construction would be happy to help you brainstorm interior ideas, define the specific function of your finished basement space and set a working budget. Call now to get started!

  1. Know What Kind of Rooms You’d Like

Maybe you want to move some of your upstairs spaces to the basement. This frees up space on your main floors and gives the basement a real sense of purpose. For example, if you’re currently using a spare bedroom or main floor space for your office, a basement office might be a great option for you. If you’re hoping to gain flexible living space, an open floorplan could create the addition you want and save you money on luxury features such as basement bars. On the other hand, if it’s entertaining room you need, a custom bar could be the dose of fun your basement floorplan needs!

  1. Know What Style You Want

A lot of interior design is furniture choice. But before that stage of decorating can start, there are many stylistic decisions to be made during building. Finished basements can occasionally lack a personal touch. Why not treat a finished basement project as another chance to show some style? We have experience with all sorts of basement styles including rustic lodge styles, traditional family room styles, trendy modern styles and more.

  1. Know Your Budget

The good news, when it comes to tackling a project as large as finishing your basement, is that any kind of remodeling project that adds square footage to your home also adds value. Meaning that, if you’re thinking of selling one day soon or sometime in the future, you may want to invest a little more than you think and get a little more back. Your budget upfront can help you make practical decisions and design decisions. For example, if you know you want to one day finish the entire basement but currently only want to pay for a portion of it, certain layouts will fit your purposes more than others. Your contractor should be able to provide quotes before any of the work starts. Just remember to always over-budget since you never know what kind of trouble you might run into!